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Theme UI


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@theme-ui/core provides minimal React support for lightweight usage.

npm i @theme-ui/core @emotion/react


/** @jsxImportSource @theme-ui/core */
import { ThemeProvider } from '@theme-ui/core'
export function App() {
return (
<ThemeProvider theme={{ colors: { primary: '#33e' } }}>
<h1 sx={{ color: 'primary' }}>Hello</h1>

If you already use theme-ui package, the batteries-included version of Theme UI, you don't need to install @theme-ui/core separately — it's already in your node_modules, and theme-ui reexports everything from it.


  • jsx — JSX function to create React elements supporting sx prop
  • ThemeProvider — a context provider
  • useThemeUI — a hook to access your theme
  • merge — an utility function to deeply merge themes together

Note that @theme-ui/core doesn’t add global or root styles to <html>/<body>. Refer to the Global Styles docs for how to add global styles.

JSX Runtime

As @theme-ui/core defines jsx function and types for it, you can use it to configure JSX runtime without installing theme-ui package.

Entry point /jsx-runtime

  • jsx
  • jsxs

Entry point /jsx-dev-runtime

  • jsxDEV
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