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🔥 Breaking: Theme UI now supports and depends on TypeScript newer than 5.1.2 (because of breaking changes to JSX types, see

  • Update @types/react to a version published after June 1, 2023.
  • JSX Automatic Runtime is highly encouraged to minimize the friction and ensure you don't get weird type errors.

@theme-ui/sidenav package was removed due to low usage and breaking changes in @types/react.

  • Deps bumps for 0.16.0, support only new React and TypeScript to avoid type errors #2432 (@hasparus)

ThemeProvider was renamed to ThemeUIProvider


MDX is now opt-in.

If your project is not using MDX or importing Themed, you shouldn't need to change anything.

If you are using MDX, this change enables you to use Theme UI together with MDX v2.

  • MDXProvider is no longer included in Theme UI ThemeProvider, and has been removed in favour of an useThemedStylesWithMdx hook.

    Migration: Use useThemedStylesWithMdx together with MDXProvider and useMDXComponents from @mdx-js/react.

    import {
    Components as MDXComponents,
    MergeComponents as MergeMDXComponents,
    } from '@mdx-js/react'
    import { useThemedStylesWithMdx } from '@theme-ui/mdx'
    import { ThemeProvider, Theme } from 'theme-ui'
    interface MyProviderProps {
    theme: Theme
    components?: MDXComponents | MergeMDXComponents
    children: React.ReactNode
    function MyProvider({ theme, components, children }: MyProviderProps) {
    const componentsWithStyles = useThemedStylesWithMdx(
    return (
    <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
    <MDXProvider components={componentsWithStyles}>{children}</MDXProvider>
  • Themed components dict and other exports from @theme-ui/mdx are no longer reexported from theme-ui.

    Migration: Import it from @theme-ui/mdx instead.

    - import { Themed } from 'theme-ui'
    + import { Themed } from '@theme-ui/mdx'

Themed object is no longer a component

Previously, it was an alias for Themed.div.

  • Migration: Whenever you're using <Themed />, use <Themed.div /> instead.


  • theme-ui, @theme-ui/components and @theme-ui/mdx packages no longer depend on @emotion/styled.

  • Previously deprecated Component.withComponent API was removed.

  • as prop was removed from Themed.X components from @theme-ui/mdx.

    • All occurrences of <Themed.X as="element"> can be changed to <element sx={t => t.styles.X} />.


Moved Emotion and @mdx-js/react to peerDependencies to solve context mismatch bugs

You now install theme-ui umbrella package like this:

npm install theme-ui @emotion/react @emotion/styled @mdx-js/react
  • @emotion/react is now a peer dependency of the majority of Theme UI libraries
  • @emotion/styled is now a peer dependency of @theme-ui/components, @theme-ui/mdx, and theme-ui
  • @mdx-js/react is now a peer dependency of @theme-ui/mdx and theme-ui

This is a revert of change from Theme UI v0.3, and it's meant to help solve version clashes and context mismatch bugs on user side. Connected issues: #1793, #1531, #1530, #1388, #1345, #1130.

Disclaimer: You might still encounter this problem if other libraries install clashing Emotion versions.

Learn more at #1867.


Dropped support for legacy browsers.

Theme UI packages became lighter! Built source code is now 9.5 kB (34%) smaller.

The trade-off is, Babel config has changed and it no longer supports Internet Explorer 11. If you need to support legacy browsers, you can transpile node_modules (e.g. with next-transpile-modules).

Internal package gatsby-theme-code-recipes was removed.


Theme configuration options were moved to theme.config object.

  • Deprecations: useRootStyles, useCustomProperties, useColorSchemeMediaQuery, useBorderBox, and useLocalStorage options on the theme object are now scoped under a config object on the theme, and the root-level options, now deprecated, will be removed in a future release.

    (e.g. you should be setting theme.config.useBorderBox instead of theme.useBorderBox)

    • ⚠ All config options should be migrated at once. If Theme UI sees theme.config exists, it won't look for options on the theme.

APIs deprecated in v0.6 were removed.

  • theme.useBodyStylestheme.config.useRootStyles
  • StyledThemed

Following the deprecation of useBodyStyles, useRootStyles now defaults to true. This means that your styles from theme.styles.root are now applied to <html> element, not <body> element. Most use cases should be fine, but some styles may need adjustment.


What's New

  • Styled components dict was renamed to Themed to avoid confusion with styled components constructors from @emotion/styled and similar libraries.

  • theme.useRootStyles configuration option (false by default). Set it to true to add styles.root to html instead of body.

    • theme.useBodyStyles configuration option still defaults to true, but it's going in to be deprecated in favor of theme.useRootStyles in the future.
  • New scale: transitions supporting transition CSS property. Issue #1079, PR #1272

  • Objects in nested scales can now have a __default key. PR #951

    Given the theme

    const theme = {
    colors: {
    primary: {
    __default: '#00f',
    light: '#33f',

    color: 'primary' resolves to color: '#00f'.

  • Configuration option for printing color mode. PR #1267, issue #1144. No more wasted ink.

    initialColorModeName: "dark",
    printColorModeName: "light"
  • A new component, Paragraph was added in PR #1298

Breaking Changes

  • Theme UI 0.6 depends on Emotion 11, and isn't compatible with Emotion 10 anymore.

    • If you didn't install Emotion separately, this update shouldn't affect you.
    • If your other dependencies depend on Emotion 10, and have no published versions for Emotion 11, you can use Yarn resolutions or Webpack's resolve.alias to enforce a version.

    Refer to Emotion 11 release notes for more information.

  • Color mode flash on first render is gone, but to achieve this we had to bring back theme.rawColors.

    • You can no longer read raw color values from theme.colors when reading theme from useThemeUI or inside sx.
    • .colors object contains Custom CSS Properties now.
    • If you need to pass original value somewhere where CSS Properties (e.g. WebGL Canvas) won't work use .rawColors.

    How to migrate?

    Find places where you read colors from the useThemeUI and extract rawColors instead of colors.

    const { rawColors: colors } = useThemeUI().theme
  • Default color mode name is no longer "default" — it's now undefined, what represents the lack of color mode set by user or detected from preferences.

  • useColorSchemeMediaQuery defaults to true. Issue #624, PR #1373

    How to migrate? Add useColorSchemeMediaQuery: false to your theme if you don't have this property. Read more in the docs.

  • We no longer export internal React context named as Context 😅 It wasn't and it's still not public API, but if you used it and you really need it, you can grab it as __ThemeUIContext. (But please don't do this. Use ThemeProvider from @theme-ui/core for local theme overrides instead.)


  • Styled will be removed in v0.7. Use Themed instead.
  • useBodyStyles will be removed in v0.7. Use useRootStyles instead.

TypeScript Changes

Theme UI is now written in TypeScript, and the emitted types differ from @types/theme-ui.

  • false in now accepted in responsive tuple types. PR #1499

  • Known colors (primary, text, background, accent, secondary) in ColorMode can now be nested scales.

    The following no longer typechecks, as colors.primary can be an object.

    color: theme => theme.colors?.primary?.toUpperCase()

    But the following code still works.

    color: theme => theme.colors?.primary

    If colors.primary is an object, colors.primary.__default is used.

  • false values are skipped before passing style objects to Emotion. Issue #1297, PR #1460.

    The following syntax is now supported

    sx={{ color: isActive && blue }}
  • "as" prop on Themed.X components now properly opts out of typechecking

    • TypeScript users, don't use ComponentProps<typeof Themed['div']>, import ThemedComponent and use ThemedComponent<'div'> instead.
  • Theme UI 0.6 depends on csstype v3 instead of csstype v2.

  • Renamed types

    • Anything copied from styled-system types was renamed or removed.
    • SxProps was renamed to SxProp.
    • SxStyleProp, an alias for ThemeUIStyleObject was removed. Use ThemeUIStyleObject instead.

Refer to the changelog for a full list of changes.


What's New

  • Components can now be imported directly from the theme-ui package. Be sure that treeshaking is enabled with your build tool.
  • Includes smart defaults for adding base styles to the <body> element.
  • Simplified color modes API.
  • New @theme-ui/css, @theme-ui/core, @theme-ui/color-modes, and @theme-ui/mdx packages allow for more bespoke ways to use the library.

Breaking Changes

  • @emotion/react and @mdx-js/react are now dependencies of theme-ui and should not be installed separately. If you'd like to use a particular version of each library, use Yarn resolutions.
  • Theme UI context no longer provides context.components. If you're using this object from context, use the MDX hook instead. E.g. import { useMDXComponents } from '@mdx-js/react'
  • If you'd like color mode to be initialized from the prefers-color-scheme media query, you must enable the useColorSchemeMediaQuery: true flag in your theme.
  • The ColorMode component is deprecated and no longer required to add color styles to the <body> element.
  • The following components have been removed in favor of using Box and Flex components: Layout, Header, Main, Footer
  • The initialColorMode flag no longer works, use initialColorModeName instead.
  • The ThemeProvider now adds global typographic styles to the <body> element based on theme.styles.root. To disable this behavior set the useBodyStyles: false flag in your theme.
  • Theme context is now stateless. If you've made use of context.setTheme, this no longer works. An alternative approach is available with the @theme-ui/editor package.
  • The ThemeStateProvider component is no longer avialable, see @theme-ui/editor as an alternative.
  • The @theme-ui/editor package has a completely new API. Please refer to the package's for more information.


JSX Pragma

If you were using the Theme UI custom JSX pragma, rename the css prop to sx. This does not apply if you were importing and using the css utility function manually.


If you were using the theme-ui-typography package, install the new package named @theme-ui/typography instead. The toStyle API is no longer included. Use the toTheme API instead, see the Typography.js docs for how to use this utility.

Box and layout component

If you were using Styled System style props on the Box component or any other layout component, replace these props with either the sx prop or by using the css utility.


  • Replace ColorModeProvider and ComponentProvider with the ThemeProvider component.
  • The @emotion/styled package is no longer required for Theme UI. If you are not using it directly in your application, you can remove it from your dependencies.
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